Friday, June 27, 2008

Superman - En Espanol

I knew the end of Power Records blog was coming soon, but I didn't know how I wanted to send it off.

Then I saw this, something I had no idea existed--an entirely Spanish-language Superman Power Record! Wow!

As you can see, the front cover is a re-colored version of one of the American LPs, but the cover strangely enough is specific to this version. And the audio tracks are also entirely in Spanish. Good to know that Spanish-speaking kids were not denied the fun and excitement that were Power Records.

Like I said, today is last post for Power Records, for the conceivable future, at least. I had no idea when I started it just how many variant editions there were, and what a huge undertaking it was.

There are a few Power Records here and there I haven't indexed here yet, all of them (to my knowledge) variants, except for one Six Million Dollar Man LP that I could never quite find for the price I was willing to pay. The fine folks over at Power Records Plaza have it for download, as well as some other PR oddities like the Ghostly Sounds LP; I don't have to tell any of you to head over there and check out what they've been doing; it's good stuff.

Maybe at some point I will pick that stuff up; if I do I'll promote it over at my other blogs. Ever since ending my Digest Comics blog last year, I've done at least two or three week-long updates, so you never know! But, for now, I'm putting a period on this sentence.

Its been a lot of fun--the Power Records were an essential element to my childhood love of comics, these characters, and, in some ways, even graphic design. And its been fun re-presenting this material on the web. Some of you have written me telling me you've introduced your own children to the Power Records this way, which is enormously rewarding. I thank everyone who took the time to come here and check out what I was doing.


Earth 2 Chris said...

I'll be sorry to see it go. I know I didn't post much here, but I really didn't hav emuch to say other than I enjoyed seeing the artwork and your thoughts on the records. You pretty much echoed my thoughts on Power Records Rob. Definitely an essential part of my love of comics!


Rockie Bee said...

Sad to see the end of Power Records; after all the 're-purposing,' there's only so many Power Records to go around. Well, you've saved me a lot of time physically looking for these things at flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, and out-of-the-way comic book shops. And the family appreciates your work here, too -- they really hate cooling their heels while I sift thru stacks of crap, looking for nostalgic nuggets like these.

There's always the JLA blog...

rob! said...

thanks guys.

Power Records, like most of my blogs, was always meant to be "limited run"--to cover everything on a certain subject, then wrap it up.

in reality, this went on way past what i thought it would---like i said, there were WAY more Power Records than i ever would've guessed!

and rockie, glad i could spare your family the boredom. :)

Rockie Bee said...

Wouldn't ya know it, the week after this blog is done, I learn a little something about the vocal talent on the records! (Nevertheless, I hope new folks get nostalgic, or just plain curious, about Power Records, and keep coming here to look at, listen to, and learn about them.)

One of the voice actors was a man named Elliot Lewis. He wrote, produced, and acted in network radio plays from the 40s to the 70's. IMDB shows a giant hole in his resume during the 50's; presumably, he was busy with his radio work. Elliot Lewis did the voice of Superman in 'The Best Cop In The World,' 'Tomorrow The World,' and 'The Mxyzptlk-ed Up Menace,' as well as the narration and the voice of Man-Bat in 'Robin Meets Man-Bat,' and the narration and a bit part as Walter Cronkite in 'Gorilla City.'

I just learned this tonight, while listening to a local public radio station rebroadcast a five decades-old episode of 'Suspense!' Elliot Lewis played a poet who dropped out from society to go live at a department store, only to meet a secret society, ultimately murderous, of after-hours department store dwellers. No wonder he never looked down on Power Records' comic-book material! He'd actually given up a Hollywood career to make radio plays that were much weirder than Comics Code-era comics!

Maimone Digital said...

Elliot Lewis was fantastic as Superman. He was equally great as Man Bat.

Great blog. Thank you for your contributions.

Robby Reed said...

Thank you for this blog. I have enjoyed it, as I enjoy ALL your blogs!

wich2 said...

Ted Lewis is a sweet guy, and a great actor to be at mic with - as long as you don't let him steal the whole stage!!!

-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


dareg said...

Any chance of uploading this audio?
I speak spanish and am cuirous on how it sounds.

Thank you

rob! said...

I wish had the audio! I would love to hear it.

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