Friday, May 26, 2017

Wonder Woman Drinking Glass

Power Pal (and co-host of The Power Records Podcast) Chris Franklin sent me this pic of a Wonder Woman drinking glass that uses the Neal Adams artwork from the Wonder Woman: The Secret of the Magic Tiara Power record!

I didn't know this existed, and Chris tells me there's no other copyright data on it to indicate if it was part of a larger line, some sort of merchandising campaign, etc. He does point out that the artwork has been redrawn slightly, to include Steve Trevor in the background. It's a handsome item, to be sure.

Considering that a lot of Power Records were done by Adams' Continuity Studios, it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of the artwork was deemed worthy for merchandising, given its iconic nature. Still, this is one of the few examples I can think of something from a Power Record was reused like this.

Thanks Chris!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lone Ranger LP


Well, this was a surprise!

I got an email from new Power Pal Mike Dean with audio files for a Lone Ranger LP from Peter Pan, which I never knew existed! I probably would have bought it (as in, begged my parents to buy it for me) since I generally considered The Lone Ranger a superhero alongside the DC and Marvel stalwarts.

The stories are decent, and utilize a lot of the same voices all Power Records fans are familiar with. The cover art for the sleeve is a little on the dull side, I guess Neal Adams was busy.

Mike tells me the record was released in 1978, then re-released in 1980 to coincide with The Legend of the Lone Ranger. I did a little more digging and found a Peter Pan Lone Ranger book and record set, as well:

There's no indication which, if any, of the four LP stories are being used here, so possibly this is entirely new Lone Ranger adventure! Who knew Peter Pan got so much mileage out of the character? When I see something like this, something I didn't know existed even after decades of Peter Pan Records fandom, it makes me wonder if there isn't even more stuff like this out there--Green Hornet? The Shadow? Doc Savage?

Anyway, big thanks to Mike for sending the audio along. Hi-yo, Silver!

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