Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Green Lantern - In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night!

Great Guardians!

We had a tie for the second Power Records poll, both Green Lantern and the Teen Titans racking up five votes each.

So I had to break the tie and decide which faux-Power Record cover to mock up. As you can see, I went for Green Lantern, because I think he would have been a more likely choice for Power Records, with his outer space setting (giving them the chance to have all sorts of alien voices) and the fact that it would star one hero, as opposed to a whole team of them.

I had a tough time finding the right piece of Green Lantern art to use for this mock-up; when of course Power would've hired Neal Adams to do the honors.


Maimone Digital said...

I would love to have seen this happen. Maybe Green Arrow could have been the guest star!

memphisto said...

Dude, are you sure that's a Neal Adams drawing? Who inked it, Pat Broadrick?

rob! said...


I didn't say it was Neal Adams, I was saying IF Power Records had done a GL record, they would've hired Neal.

Sorry for the confusion--the above drawing is by Dave Gibbons.

viagra online said...

I remember the first time I read Green Lantern comic, I stayed wondered, since that moment I'm his fan, I love his comics.

wpardlow said...

Actually the drawing is by Kieth Pollard.
Green Lantern Vol 2 #163
April, 1983

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