Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ghostly Sounds



Even as a Power Records collector, this LP was one I never bothered with because, as far as I understood, there was no story--it's just random spooky sounds. Plus, it's a Peter Pan record, not a "Power", so even if it I saw it as a kid I probably would have turned my nose up at it, relegating it to "kiddie stuff." After all, I was listening to the truly scary stuff, like Man-Thing and The Monster of Frankenstein!

That said, Ghostly Sounds isn't too bad--there's some genuinely weird stuff, which could do the, er, trick for some of the younger set. Plus, check out that sleeve art, by the unfortunately-named George Peed! How this guy never ended up at Mad or (at the very least) Cracked...

I found these scans online, so I haven't had a chance to see what the inside looks like. Now that the blog is back, maybe if I can find it on eBay for the right price I'll pick it up. Halloween is coming, after all...

Power Records Are Back!

Well, the blog that is!

The Power Records blog was one of my blogging efforts that I let fade away after a time. Strangely, people kept visiting it, reading, listening, and commenting, which was always nice to see. Over time, many of the outside links I used for the audio tracks were taken down, leaving the blog in a sorry state. Every so often someone would email, asking me if I was ever going to update the site, but I never had the time to take on such a massive job.

Well, I finally did make the time, so here are some of the changes you'll find: all links are now working, and I've added tracks for a few for some Power Records I didn't have before. Also, every post features an audio link that opens in a new window--no more Auto Play (I don't know what the hell I was thinking with that)! That way you can read and play easily, with just one click.

If you're a big Power Records fan, you might want to check out my show, THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, co-hosted by me and Chris Franklin, aka Earth-2 Chris of THE SUPER MATES PODCAST. It's part of the FIRE AND WATER family of podcasts, and you can find all episodes of the show here, on iTunes, and on Stitcher.

Also: I will be adding even more improvements and content to the blog, so check back in occasionally to see what's new in the world of Power Records!


Friday, August 29, 2014

Marvel Power Records Ad

I remember seeing this ad growing up. From what I remember, Marvel slotted it in below different ads for other products, whether they were toys or other comics. Only $1.49 each!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Power Records Podcast, Episode 6: Spider-Man!

sgThe Fire and Water Podcast Presents: THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, Episode 6

This week it's all about one of Power Records' biggest stars, The Amazing Spider-Man! Rob and Chris take a listen to two exciting Spidey audio adventures, "Return of the Conquistador" and "The Mad Hatter of Manhattan."

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