Thursday, June 5, 2008

Robin Hood

I had never even heard of this "Literary Classics" line put out by Power Records/Peter Pan until I started working on this blog. Amazing what you learn.

Of course, if you're going to start adapting literary works (what, isn't Man-Bat literary enough?), it makes total sense to start with Robin Hood, which straddles the literary/superhero chasm quite nicely.

Released some time around 1979/1980, Neal Adams lists this on his website's checklist as having done the cover. I don't see much Adams in there myself, so it's probably an Adams layout with other Continuity Studios' people doing the penciling and inking. I have no idea who drew or wrote the inside comic, and I couldn't turn up any info on the web.

As you can see from the back cover, there are seven other titles in the series listed. In addition, there's one more--Little Women--that is not listed here at all. Even more confusingly, Little Women is listed as PR 47, while the numbering on this back cover ends at PR 44. Apparently PR 45 and PR 46 are Star Trek titles. Wha?

And if you want to get even more confused, no one seems to be able to find any physical examples of Moby Dick, Last of the Mohicans, or Gulliver's Travels. So who knows if they ever actually got released?

Somebody needs to write a definitive book on Power Records, that's all I know...

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Anonymous said...

The cover looks more like Buckler to my eye than Adams. The insides are by Jack Sparling.

Nick Caputo

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