Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Superman - Weatherspoon's Catalyst

Weatherspoon's Catalyst

If yesterday's cover was gentle and relaxed, this one is what Superman is most famous for--punching bad guys, and smiling while he does it!

This story also appeared on one the 1975 Superman LPs.


Jeremy said...

Wow! This is a blast from the past for me. I first got this record, as a kid, at a Pick N' Save (in California) around 1987/88. I was really big into Superpowers action figures, and was also collecting memorabilia from Superman's 50th b-day. I guess this record was in print, for a lot of years! I was thinking about it today, and decided to see if I could look up the record on the net; then I found your site! I'll tell you whats funny: I haven't heard this record in, at least 20 years, but I still remember some of the dialog from it. I remember that Weatherspoon says something like "I've been working on this for years, and, Voila..Weatherspoons Catalyst!" Also, I remember that someone got pricked by a hyperdermic needle, and I remember Clark Kent saying "I'm a pacifist Lois, I deplore violence," While Lois replies "So I've noticed." LOL! You can tell that I listened to it a lot!:) I also had a Shazam! record (not sure if it's from Power Records or not) in which he says "Holy Halitosis!" Ah....good times!

Jay said...

The Shazam! record was indeed a Power Records/Peter Pan Records recording - as far as I know, only ever issued on 7" with a picture sleeve.

Christi said...

Wow,I found one of these recently in an old box of LP's. It's had it's share of use back in the day, but the memories it invoked for my son was a Kodac moment in itself. Is there any monetary value to this particular one other than sentimental? As you can tell, I'm not up on such matters.

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