Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Star Trek

The last of the Star Trek LPs Power Records released, with very nifty Neal Adams sleeve art and at least partial Adams pencils on the inside.

Unfortunately, I don't have scans of the "Time Stealer" comic book portion of this Book and Record set, where the crew of the Enterprise met...Conan the Barbarian, essentially. Heck, they even got John Buscema to draw it, proving Power Records was only barely trying to conceal the crossover:


Swinebread said...

Somebody burned that to tape for me... this one of the funniest things i've ever heard!

"the Time slowdown is leveling off!"

Earth 2 Chris said...

By Crom! That's illegal!


Anonymous said...

COOL way COOL this is the coolest collectible on the planet and I only find out in 2008?
Mikey D.
( ebay here I come.)

Anonymous said...

One thing I was startled by in "A Mirror For Futility" was the use of a snippet of recognizable music from Jerry Goldsmith's 1968 score for "The Planet Of The Apes"! It was from the scene in the movie when Taylor discovers that the other surviving astronaut has been lobotomized by the apes ( I believe on the soundtrack album the track is titled "New Identity" ).

On the Power record, I think it's played while Spock is theorizing as to how long the ships have been battling, and as to the fate of their crews (I'm not 100% sure exactly where it's been a LOOONNG time since I've heard the story record, but I am sure it's the same music ). Amazing that Power/Peter Pan didn't get sued for cribbing that cue!


Anonymous said...

Correction: The "Planet Of The Apes" cue is played while Kirk is voicing his concerns over the course the two warships are heading ( about 5:45 into the story ).


Rich Harvey said...

Strange ... Lieutenant Uhura is portrayed as a white woman with blonde hair? Why didn't they just call her by a different name?

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