Sunday, May 11, 2008

Superman - The Man From Krypton

Produced by Arthur Korb, this is a fine retelling of the Superman origin story.

Drawn by what looks like Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano (with a cover at least penciled by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez), there is some especially nice sequences here--I love how scary Jor-El looks in the first panel of page 9, as Krypton crumbles around him.

This was later re-purposed (of course!) on a LP with three other Superman stories.


Earth 2 Chris said...

What a great version of the Superman origin. I must have listened/read this at least 100 times as a kid. Only two things detract from it, that bothered me as a kid. One, Clark's "redneck" on the last page (that type of stuff always drove me nuts) and the reading of the title "The Man from Kryp-ton". Sounds like they had the janitor record that line at the last minute. Other than that, perfection.

I suspect Adams may have done the layouts on this one. I know Rich Buckler was heavily influenced by Adams at this point, but to me the layout looks more Adams than what Buckler usually did.


rob! said...

i always wondered why that Smallville doctor is so tan, myself.

according to the checklist on his own site, Neal Adams didn't do any of the interior art for this, its all Buckler/Giordano.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Ah, cool deal Rob. I guess Buckler was channeling Neal pretty well then!

Oh and yeah the Smallville doctor is mighty tan. Maybe little Kal-El roasted him with his heat vision?


Anonymous said...

there's some Ernie Colon in there too. Definately Buckler Probably the only two guys at the time to be so close to Giordano at the time. -------Mikey D.

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