Friday, May 23, 2008

G.I. Joe - The Rescue From Adventure Team Headquarters


One of the odder series of Peter Pan records, this is one of four rock 'em sock'em adventures starring everyone's favorite bearded hero (sorry, Green Arrow), G.I. Joe!

These were not part of the "Power Records" imprint, but Joe is closer to the spirit of the superhero and sci-fi stars of that line then he is to other Peter Pan Book and Record subjects like Pinocchio, Bugs Bunny, and Little Brave Sambo (??), so we'll be giving Joe some attention here.

The art for this story is...well, it ain't quite Neal Adams, but I think it has a looseness that's kind of fun, and I imagine this is the kind of art style that looks boffo when shrunk down a bit. Heck, there are moments when the art looks downright hip--check out that full page (pg 24) of the natives running away from the crazy music. I bet you could pass that off as a page of Paul Pope art, and most people wouldn't contradict you.

These G.I. Joe stories run longer than any of the Power Records--24 pages--I guess Peter Pan just couldn't contain America's #1 Adventure Hero in any story shorter than that. Yo Joe!


Anonymous said...

I would love an audio file of the GI Joe The Rescue from Adventure Team HQ. Is there anyway I can get it? My email is

Anonymous said...

i have this book and record.. anyone know the value? email me if you are interested,

Anonymous said...

Did you find out the value of this. i have a good condition

John said...

I had all 4 when I was a kid and bought them all on Ebay again some years back. I may have a rip of the Aventure Team Headquarters one, I'll have to search a bit!

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