Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends!

Power Records could repurpose stuff with the best of 'em, this record being a collection of three of their four Marvel superhero 45s.

This record came out in 1978, so by then the Hulk was popular enough to earn a
solo record, but since that one didn't re-use The Hulk: At Bay!, you'd think they would've put it on here instead of Cap or the FF.


Jay said...

There are two versions of this particular release - this one, and one with the same three stories plus the Hulk at Bay story.

Anonymous said...

Jay is right. I just got this with another cover dated 1974. On the cover it says "Captain America and the Hawk." I thought this was a early version of the Falcon, but his first appearance was a couple of years before and on the album it says the Falcon. You think someone would have caught this.

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