Monday, May 19, 2008

Star Trek - Four Exciting All-New Action-Adventure Stories!


This album, produced by Arthur Korb and written by sci-fi author Alan Dean Foster, as well as Cary Bates and Neal Adams, might be the best adaptation Power Records ever did, in terms of being true to the source material.

I mean, just look at those egghead story titles--"The Logistics of Stampede"? That's the kind of title that would probably make a little kid's head hurt, but it's perfect for your die-hard Trek fan, starved for new content in between the end of the TV series and the first movie.

The covers by Neal Adams are, of course, awesome--in particular, that back cover makes Star Trek look about as exciting as it ever was, with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy looking like they're about to leap tall spaceships in a single bound.


Anonymous said...

Did Kirk just through a hadoken? Badass.

Also the files are down :(

Jay said...

The Star Trek stuff Power Records did is astonishingly good: the actors did their homework on the characters, the sound effects and music are really good, and the artwork is amazingly faithful to the production design of the show, especially the bridge - and its particularly noticable when you compare the PR stories to the contemporary Gold Key series. There were obviously some Trekkies working on these.

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Suffering Fools said...

There was a third Power LP of four Star Trek stories that came out around 1980 with the same voice actors as the second LP, but the writing quality was not the same. It was obviously "dumbed down" for children to some extent, which the previous ones never were. The front cover featured a photo of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in their uniforms from the 1979 film. Anyone remember this?

Don said...

There is a great discography here:
which includes all the 45's as well. I see the MP3 files no longer link? Would be awesome to hear these again.

Kort said...

I believe I had this LP. Wow, that brings back some memories. Thanks!

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