Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Superman LP - 1978


Power Records' final Superman LP, this is a sweet collection of stories, well produced by Arthur Korb and written by Bill Wells.

The music especially is nice--check out the jazzy, Latin-sounding intro music for the Rio di Janeiro-set "The Killer Bees" and the classic 1950's heist film music for "The Star of Bangalore." Good on you, Mr. Korb!

The sleeve art is, at the very least, penciled by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (although the fourth rear panel, "The Man From Krypton", looks like it may be by someone else), a fine replacement for Neal Adams.

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Earth 2 Chris said...

Looks like that "Man from Krypton" panel was redrawn from the famous cover of Superman #300, which got a lot of licensing use in the 70s (the Superman on that cover was on the back of Mego's 12" Superman: The Movie boxes:


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