Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Plastic Man/Metamorpho - 1975


Plastic Man - "The Invasion of the Plastic Men":

Metamorpho - "Fumo The Fire Giant":

One of the oddest solo 45s Power Records ever put out--Plastic Man and Metamorpho!

Considering that the Aquaman and Flash stories from the Songs & Stories About the Justice League of America LP were also repurposed on a 45, I'm a little surprised they didn't pair them up a little differently--i.e., Flash and Plastic Man, Aquaman and Metamorpho, etc.

Of course, Neal Adams provides the awesome, bizarre sleeve art.


Anonymous said...

i totally have this album from when i was a kid.

Jay said...

The cover art on this one is fantastic, and I love the Metamorpho story. "Cool it, Rexie - the Element Man is here." It sticks in one's head :-)

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When I was a kid, I liked comics and especially spiderman.

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Plasticman was awesome. He was the kind of superhero everybody wanted to be, due to the fact thier characteristics were soemthing totaly out of this world.

Rich Harvey said...

Holy cow ... that Plastic Man theme song ... If you told me that William Dozier was planning a Plastic Man tv series, like his campy Batman show, you wouldn't have a difficult time convincing me.