Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gemini Man - LP

This LP was probably the single biggest surprise since I started this blog, and did research into the entire Power Records line. In fact, when I saw "Gemini Man" listed as a Power Record, I thought it must be an original creation, not the TV show--there's no way they licensed that turkey to be a children's record!

And yet they did, which just makes me scratch my head. Gemini Man lasted all of eleven episodes in 1976, and even if you argue, well, Power Records was guessing it might be a hit, you have to wonder why they thought a show about a guy who turns invisible would be all that impressive as an audio recording.

As far as I know, there was a never a book and record edition for Gemini Man; it was released as an LP only, with the usual spiffy Neal Adams sleeve. Neal actually manages to make Gemini Man look exciting.

I have only seen this album for sale once--on eBay, when I was doing my semi-regular, sure-to-be-a-failure search for it. I was practically knocked out of my chair when I saw it (I'm easily surprised), and for only five bucks! I BINed it as fast as the internet could carry me. And while I goof on Gemini Man, Power Records did their best with it--the audio stories are hardly their best, but they actually work fairly well, considering the thinness of the source material.
Written by David Dann, produced by the George Martin of Power Records, Arthur Korb.


Plaidstallions said...

Gemini Man was made by the Six Million Dollar man people and I'm guessing Power thought it would be more of the same.

It was of course, Gar-bage and I'm not sure that invisibilty works well on this level.

Armpit Studios said...

So the show was made in 1976, but the title of the post says the LP was made in 1975? The year on the mp3 files is 1978.

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