Saturday, December 1, 2007

Superman - City Under Siege

City Under Siege


Uncredited producers, still Herb Davidson and Charlotte Saunders?

The DC/Power Record comics were done especially for them, and I have yet to find any credits for this book. Neal Adams' website lists him as the cover artist and Ross Andru and Dick Giordano as the back cover artists.

The interior pencils are surely also Andru, but the inks seem to look different on various pages...Vince Colletta? Jose Delbo? Giordano?


meng said...

sometimes an inker will do the figures and they'll have assistants doing the backgrounds which can cause for some stylistic differences.

but aside from page 4, it looks like it's all Frank McLaughlin on inks.

the bottom panel on page 4 looks like a full Giordano panel- pencils and inks (which would make sense since i believe he had a studio with McLaughlin at one point)

the only panel that looks like it could have been Vince Colletta is that closeup on page 4 but it's hard to tell from just the webpage.

it's definitely Ross Andru on pencils. i 've read somewhere that his eyesight problems made for some "unique" anatomy especially on foreshortening and most good inkers would compensate for this. that doesnt seem to be the case for the Superman shot on page 9. either that or it was modeled from a 12" superman mego action figure. look at the size of that head!

Rockie Bee said...

This is definitely an Arthur Korb -- the voice actors are familiar from my other Korb-produced records. F'r instance, the 'City Desk Editor' is 'J.Jonah Jameson' from "Invasion of the Dragonmen" and 'Capt. Kirk/Dr. McCoy" from the "Star Trek" records. The voice of Korb's 'Batman' shows up in 'City Under Siege' as a panicky bureacrat.

Also, I'm glad somebody was able to name the artists on this book -- when I was a shaver I was always curious why this didn't look like the Curt Swan stuff in my Blue Ribbon Digest, or the Ross Andru stuff in the '79-era Supermans I had. Thick lines. Thick lines.

Anonymous said...

Looking at it from another perspective and being an expert of artistic analysis and execution.
Yes that is absolutely Andru art mostly. But I think a few pages were more of a jam session.
One artist I believe who may have attributed to the inks was Ernie Colon. He and Howard Chaykin along with Klaus Janson did the art on the Space 1999 books. As I said in another blog The crusty Bunkers who wetre comprised of everyone revolving around Adams and Giordano at that time. ---------Mikey D.

Fat Boy said...

You know, Ross Andru and Vince Colletta was an excellent artist/inker team. Not as well known as Kirby/Colletta, Ross' art was "harnessed" by Vinnie to look more commercially acceptable. Nice Blog!

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