Saturday, December 8, 2007

Conan The Barbarian - The Crawler In The Mists!

Uncredited producers, still Herb Davidson and Charlotte Saunders, who did all the other Marvel ones?

This is the same story from Conan The Barbarian #116, yet this recording was done in 1976, and the comic in 1980. I thought the Marvel records were always adaptations of pre-existing comics...? Written by Len Wein and J.M.De Matteis, with art by the sensational team of Big John Buscema and Neal Adams, with a new cover by Adams(the cover to the comic is this book's opening splash page).

I think this is one of the best Book and Records Marvel ever did--the sound effects are superb, the guy playing Conan is spot-on perfect, and when he enters the haunted city of Kamalla the aural mood set is genuinely spooky.

Nice job, by Crom!


Rockie Bee said...

I think it's another Arthur Korb production -- the signs I'm looking at are the orchestral soundtrack (as opposed to goony Univox Synth noises, the mark of Davidson/Saunders), and I also recognize two voices -- 'Conan' is the guy who did 'Spock' on Korb's "Star Trek," and one of the traders who tangles with Conan is the voice of Robin from "Robin Meets Man-Bat," or the bank robber with the sonic disruptor from the same, take your pick.

My son and I just got a Batman LP storybook with Gorilla Grodd and Sherlock Holmes, so we're getting to know Arthur Korb's repertory company pretty well. The boy always insists on listening to "The Incredible Hulk - At Bay!"; the little guy's trying to show me he's not scared of the Abomination and the Rhino. (I think Gorilla Grodd's got his number though, played by the voice of Batman with a frog in his throat.)

Once again, thanks for putting these books and records up -- I enjoy learning about these things in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

These book and records were the greatest invention at the time. Just to prove a point CONAN the barbarian is ever present in all forms of madia entertainment. He is truly the greatest HERO ever dreamed of. Name one to rival and you'll find that CONAN is the be all end all of adventure heroes.

Anonymous said...

pardon me. Ever present in all forms of MEDIA entertainment.

Jay said...

I think Roy Thomas addresses how this story, which was done for the Power Records release, ended up being recycled into the regular run of Conan the Barbarian a couple of years later. Dark Horse is reprinting the entire Marvel Conan run and Rascally Roy is writing some fascinating essays about his time with the Cimmerian.

noah said...

The dark horse reissues of the Conan series are spectacular! My bros and I have been snatching these up monthly.. the comic series: Conan the Barbarian + the Savage Sword (mag style) are great to have in omnibus style collections. I highly recommend the new Dark Horse Conan books as well.. start with Year 0 and work your way up... I never would have imagined that they could have trumped the originals.. but I think they have, by Mitra!

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