Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spider-Man - Invasion of the Dragon Men

Produced by Arthur Korb, even though it says Davidson and Saunders on the back cover.

As far as I can tell, this is an original story done for Power Records. Written by ?, the art is by Dick Giordano, Larry Hama, and Terry Austin. There are some Spidey poses here, though, that look like either Ditko or Marvel stock art at the very least, they look so familiar.

Oh, one last thing--even as a kid, I found the character of Jimmy to be so annoying that I wished the Dragon Men had eaten him, or at the very least fried him to a crisp. And this girl went off into the woods to neck with this loser? What's her deal?


Earth 2 Chris said...

This is the only Marvel Record Comic I had. I think I have this on cassette, from perhaps Power Records last gasp. Seems like the cover of mine may have been different. I can't tell, since my copy is now coverless!!!

Looks like Giordano to me too. DG wasn't above swiping poses, so he may have channeled some Ditko there. Spidey swinging away from the Dragon Men and crawing down the pipe are definitely Diko poses. But I really like Giordano's take on Spidey. Too bad he rarely handled him!

The scene with the kids in the woods always struck me as a tad risque for the target audience. The girl's voice sounds like she's REALLY enjoying it if you know what I mean...


rob! said...

this one was re-re-released in many different forms, all with different covers.

yeah, the audio track makes the kids sound a little older than they look here. in some panels Jimmy looks like he's twelve, and hearing them going off into the woods to get some action sounds creepy!

Rockie Bee said...

We know Marv Wolfman didn't write it:

"Sue left her home that night, away from her lonely life tending her drunken step-father. Lively Jimmy was at the outdoors summer astronomy class; Sue felt him looking at her, but she couldn't escape the nagging feeling that she'd never neck away the emptiness inside her heart...feelings made moot by a ten-foot tall fusion of Man and Iguana, and the stygian flames which exploded from the fiery furnace of his reptilian belly.

"The scent of seared brisket overtakes the astronomy class as the one called Draco, King of the Dragonmen, makes his hectoring address to the isolated astronomy class..."

Jinky said...

LOL! I love all the comments. This was my favorite LP as a kid to listen to. I played the crap out of it.

Years later, the voice of Jimmy reminds me of Steve from "Sex and the City". LOL! It's so funny, as a kid, I hated Jimmy as well. Funny how we all felt the same way about the jerk. Jimmy has good taste though. :^)

Anonymous said...

Another Crusty bunkers effort pulled off magnificently. Mostly Andru art but there are pages drawn completly by different artists. I would agree Giordano did some work too. But that cross hatch inking style is not hard to recognize. Klaus Janson. There is probably some Joe Rubenstein too.
This team of men could pump out complete books in one day flat.
--------Mikey D.

FilmFather said...

This was one of my favorite Power records as a kid, up there with Spidey's Mark of the Man-Wolf and Man-Thing's Night of the Laughing Dead. Though I always thought Draco's demise at the end was a bit anti-climactic.

Jay said...

A record full of lines I remember:

"That's a tall order, even for a braggin' dragon!"

"We can dispense with pretense, Spider-Man."

"What does that do to your flakey plan, Drakey Baby?"

And Demosthenes Q. Drake! What a name!

Anonymous said...

Just found this thread.
That record was genius. My brother and I must have listened to it 1,000 times as kids.
Jay - those quotes are great!

Matthew H Camp said...

Loved this record as a kid, but I had the LP with multiple stories and no illustrations. To see the fully illustrated work here - along with the lovingly reconstructed audio track - is completely awesome! Thank you!

Matt said...

I still have this record and book - well, if my parents haven't found it and sold it at a garage sale. As I watched the new Amazing Spiderman movie tonight for the first time I couldn't get this out of my head!

I also have a Space: 1999 one somewhere, but I didn't like that as much as Spidey.

Brian said...

It was written (and produced) by Arthur Korb, as indicated on the label.

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