Sunday, December 9, 2007

Songs & Stories About The Justice League of America

My all-time favorite Power Record, guess why.

It features Aquaman, of course, but that's not the only reason:
A)It's a Justice League record, not just Superman or Batman, which as a kid I found unbearably cool
B)It features the goofiest, catchiest songs this side of Lennon/McCartney
C)It co-stars Plastic Man and Metamorpho, two very bizarre choices
D)The Neal Adams cover rocks

It wasn't until just a few years ago that I learned this record's content is taken from the 1968 Tilton record of the same name; that record also featured theme songs for Flash and Aquaman, which were omitted here (for running time?). The stories are interesting, well-acted, and weird as all get out--the villainous Mr.Big is revealed (Spoiler Alert!) to be a little kid, whose whiny voice at the end still creeps me out. thing, though; why does Wonder Woman get the whole back cover to herself?


Rockie Bee said...

Holy smokes! I love these songs! They're like the garage rock of the 'Nuggets' compilations fused with Lawrence Welk's attention to detail, with Charlie Watts on drums!

I thought the Amboy Dukes' 'Journey to the Center of the Mind' was the height of phony psychedelia - I was wrong!

I have got to make my son listen to this...

Rockie Bee said...

More than anything, 'Metamorpho the Element Man' sounds like half the songs put out by the band Deadbolt...that's a high compliment!

My week is made -- whatta find!

Brian said...

I had this record as a kid and loved it. I think the Metamorpho song and story are still pretty awesome.

Viagra Online Without Prescription said...

Buddy thanks for the updates, I had been searching the Justice League of America songs, but had not been able to get it, until now.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I had this record as a kid & I just listened to all of the songs again with my 8 year old son. Thanks for uploading this!

TVGuy68 said...

The album was originally released in 1966, under Peter Pan's Tifton label; Arthur Korb wrote the songs and stories.

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman gets the whole back cover to herself because her song was only half as long as everyone else's, and turned out to be a sort of lame romantic ode to her wonderful wonders, because they evidently didn't know WTF her actual powers were.
All of them are awesome songs though.

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