Monday, December 22, 2014

The Adventures of The Amazing Spider-Man and Friends!

Mark of the Man-Wolf

The Way It Began
...And A Pheonix Shall Arise
The Incredible Hulk At Bay

Power Records re-issued this Spider-Man LP, giving it a slightly new name, and managing to squeeze in a fourth audio adventure (why only three made it on the other version I can't imagine). Could it be possible this was sent back out after Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends debuted in 1981, with the hopes that slapping "...and Friends!" on it would move some copies? And check out the front cover blurb, where it says it features "Captain America and The Hawk." I think they mean The Falcon...

Regarding the back cover, it's interesting that of all the records they chose to plug, they picked Man-Thing, one of the least little kid-friendly records in the collection!


Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

All the years I've had that record and I never once noticed the reference to "The Hawk". Old age is an awful thing.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Poor Falcon...he never got much respect...until now!

I'd say this is also from that mid-to-late 70s time period, just based on the artwork. Power (or Peter Pan) Records had gotten much "slicker" by 1981. But the way they recycled...who knows?

Brian said...

The album with the 4 stories (cover art by Bill Gow) was actually the original version from 1974 - it was re-issued twice: one with the same cover but with 3 stories ("The Incredible Hulk: At Bay" was omitted) from the late '70's, and the other with the Peter Pan logo from 1981 (the cover art is actually an enlarged version of the back cover design for the Spider-Man 7-inch LP's).

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