Monday, December 29, 2014

Six Million Dollar Man - The Bionic Berserker


Despite the Six Million Dollar Man's superstar status at Power Records (three full LPs, plus a variant), from what I've been able to determine, he didn't get too many 45"s to himself. Other than Elves' Revolt, The Bionic Berserker is the only one of these single reissues that I've been able to find starring good old Steve Austin. I've learned, however, never to say never, so who knows what else is out there, still to be discovered?

The cover sleeve looks Neal Adams-ish, but not quite. I'm going to assume this was a Continuity Studios job, handed off to another artist on staff who was trained to draw a lot like Neal. I love that guy in the back, completely losing it over the Six Million Dollar Man's display of muscle.

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Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

Besides this one and the Christmas one, I'm not aware of any other 6M$M 45's either. Star Trek may have the record (ha) for most PR 7 inch 45's per license.

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