Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Six Million Dollar Man: Volume 2


Boy, did I give ol' Steve Austin short shrift on the first iteration of this blog. I covered the first LP of course, and I mistakenly assumed that was all there was. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Not only did Power Records issue that first LP in two different sleeves, but they also put out an all-original Christmas record, multiple 45s, and this second LP full of another set of audio adventures! That puts the Six Million Dollar Man up there with Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man in terms of how many different Power Records are out there with Steve Austin as the star. 

Considering how big The Six Million Dollar Man was in the 1970s, its sort of amazing that he hasn't returned to the pop culture landscape, considering nearly everything from that era has (including The Bionic Woman). I know there's been a reboot movie script floating around Hollywood for years, I wonder what the hold up is?

Audio-wise, these four stories--which I'm hearing for the first time--are pretty solid. There's a different actor playing Steve, and he dropped the attempted mimicry of Lee Majors that the other performer went for. I kinda miss it, really!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Who do we think did the art on this? Rich Buckler, maybe?

Dig those yellow shoes!


rob! said...

Doesn't look Buckler to me, but I could be wrong. And only Steve Austin could get away with those shoes.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Doesn't really look like Buckler much to me, either, but he could turn off his Adams influence when he wanted to. The body posture and shadowing is slightly Buckler-esque to me.

Steve wore far worse than those yellow shoes. If he'd wandered onto the Wonder Woman set, she'd have mistaken him for her typical leisure suit-wearing henchmen!


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