Friday, December 5, 2014

The Beastie Boys - Brr Stick 'Em

I mentioned on Wednesday that I found it remarkable that, considering how massively popular The Six Million Dollar Man was in the 1970s, that it hasn't come back in some major way. The property is still very beloved by those who grew up with it.

Case in point: The Beastie Boys sampled a section from Power Records' Six Million Dollar Man audio adventure "Bionic Berserker" for their 2004 song "Brr Stick 'Em", which appeared as a B-side to the "Right Right Now Now" single. Check it out below, it kicks off the song:

Did one of the Beastie Boys have some Power Records growing up? Age-wise it's more than possible. This seems like a subject that should be addressed in that Power Records coffee table book I want to write!

1 comment:

vwstieber said...

You really need to write that book !

I love your blog and between it and various other sources, have accumulated what I think is a fairly complete collection of .mp3s of POWER RECORDS.

My 7 year-old son loves listening to the super-hero adventures before he goes to bed!

Cheers !!!

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