Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Six Million Dollar Man: 4 Exciting Christmas Adventures


Christmas Lights
Elves' Revolt

The Kris Kringle Caper
The Toymaker

How big was the Six Million Dollar Man as a property? Power Records gave him his own Christmas-themed LP, something not even Superman or Batman got!

I didn't have this as a kid, so I was hearing these stories for the first time when preparing this post. "Elves' Revolt" excepted, they're fairly straightforward action adventure stories, and I imagine they were fairly satisfying if you were a fan of the show. I do find it curious why the classic "na na na na na na" sound effect, the show's most lasting contribution to pop culture, is never used. Maybe it was considered copyrighted to the show only?

I can't quite place the art on the front sleeve, but I'll eat a Holo-Man 45" if the back cover isn't by longtime Batman artist Irv Novick. That portrait of Oscar Madison is a dead ringer for his work.


Earth 2 Chris said...

The shot of Steve punching the guy looks like Novick to me too. Good call.

The front looks a little Novick-like to me too, but I never saw him do likenesses, so that may be throwing it off for me.


Julie Ann Newman said...

Isn't Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple? I think you mean Oscar Goldman.(From Julie's mom, Sharry)

rob! said...


Oops, you're absolutely right, I confused 70s TV shows. That would have been cool tho, to have Jack Klugman on Six Million Dollar Man.

Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

In his heart, every man is a Klugman.

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