Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost


Power Pal Mike Bridges found another heretofore (to me, at least) unknown Peter Pan release--Ghostbusters! I had no idea that the company was still licensing and releasing new records as late as 1984, not to mention something with as much geek cred as the 'busters. Mike also found a PDF of the entire book, see above so you can read along as you listen!

Adventure-wise, the story bares almost no resemblance to the cynical, wiseass tone of the movie--this is a lot more Scooby-Doo than anything else. That's of a piece with the whole Ghostbusters property following the movie, which was aimed at wee tykes almost exclusively.

Still, it was so fun to see this, and underscores yet again the thought that there's probably lots of other cool Peter Pan records that we just haven't seen yet (I'm holding out hope for a Scrooged Xmas record). Thanks Mike!

Post Script: In between writing this post and today, Mike also found that Ghostbusters Meet The Laser Ghost was released on cassette:

I was so sure I'd seen ever cool Peter Pan/Power Records release, and now this. My whole life has been thrown into chaos--human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!


Earth 2 Chris said...

The flipped Ghostbusters symbol is driving me nuts. He should be facing right, dammit! Like in the logo!


Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

WHAT a find! I had no idea there was a Peter Pan Ghostbusters release! Well done, Mike Bridges and thanks for sharing! I'm off to eBay!

Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

Kudos to Peter Pan for that sort-of-sounds-like-the-Ray-Parker-song-but-not-quite Ghostbusters theme song that kicks the record off. The rest of it is a pale shadow of the '70s Power Records heyday recordings - but I think the actress who is the voice of the little sister is the same woman who voiced Wonder Woman and many of the other PR-era female characters as far bad as the Justice League record. I don't think I recognized the voices of any of the other PR stock company.

radio1342 said...

Yeah, I noticed it sounded like a woman doing a kids voice and the artwork is a bit shoddy too. Kind of reminds me of 80's era Carebare Cartoons style art. Definitely not comicbook style art. You should be able to find this on eBay reasonably priced. I almost got it myself then when I saw the artwork and listened to it I decided to pass for now. Either way it WAS a nice discovery, until 2 weeks ago I am positive none of us regulars around here even knew it existed. -- Mike

Earth 2 Chris said...

This is quite a find, and who wouldn't want a Peter Pan T-shirt like that? I wonder if the stuffed bear was a reaction to Teddy Ruxpin playing cassettes and interacting with kids around this same time?

It seemed like the voice actors were TRYING to sound nothing like Murray, Akroyd, etc. Maybe for legal reasons? We all know Ray Parker had enough legal trouble with Huey Lewis over the Ghostbusters theme, so no surprise it wasn't used here.

The art is credited to Al Gordon. Is this the comic inker, Al Gordon?


-DS- said...

Peter Pan Records apparently released a second one, Ghostbusters Meet The Ghost Riders, but information on it is more scarce. It's east enough to find pictures of the pacakaging, but I can't even find a story summary, let alone the audio or book.

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