Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Visit To Power Records

Behold, where the magic happened!

This is a shot of the actual Peter Pan Records factory, located in Newark, NJ. It comes from a 2012 blog post written by someone named Lulu Maximus, who actually worked at Peter Pan Records in the 1970s. Not surprisingly, the recorded content was done elsewhere, so Lulu dealt almost exclusively with the mechanical process of actually making the records. Go over to the blog and read the whole piece.

I had no knowledge of this post until our newest Power Pal, Mike Bridges, pointed it out to me. Mike also suggested that I contact Lulu about an interview, since who wouldn't want to learn more about Power Records from someone who was there? Done!

What are the chances there are piles of dusty records still in this building? It looks more than a little creepy so I don't have the guts to check it out myself. Any of you Power Records fans want to come with me?


Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

Sign me up for some urban spelunking!

Earth 2 Chris said...

If I'm ever up your way Rob, I'd be game!


Rich Harvey said...

When I was growing up, I became aware of the fact Power was located in Newark, which was an hour to 90 minutes away. I always regretted not being able to go there, until I got older and realized that Newark stopped being a nice city in the 1970s.

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