Monday, January 5, 2015

Batman - Stacked Cards

Yet another edition of Batman - Stacked Cards, this time featuring cover art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN)! I've seen that shot of the Joker squirting Batman in various other places, so along with the other shot of the Dynamic Duo, I'm going to assume DC sent Peter Pan a bunch of the JLGL stock art and they found stuff that would fit the recorded tracks from the 1970s.


Earth 2 Chris said... much as I love JLGL (PBHN, I kind of hate the homogenization of everything. The "style guide" way of thinking gave us nice, slick artwork, but we lost a lot of individual character for each product. A Power Records cover didn't look like an AHI rack toy, which didn't look like a Mego figure, etc. This new artwork could have been on a box of Super Heroes cookies after 1982, for instance.

I mean... they replaced NEAL ADAMS?!? Neal Adams wasn't "on-model" enough for them?

Sorry, rant over. I still love you, JLGL (PBHN).


Earth 2 Chris said...

Hey, I just noticed something else. Look at the copyright:"Copyright 1982, National Periodical Publications, Inc." Peter Pan was asleep at the wheel. DC had officially, and legally been "DC Comics, Inc." for years by this point. Old habits die hard!

rob! said...

I agree with you E2C. My love of JLGL's work knows no bounds, but everything does start to look same-same when it's used on every product.

Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

The Joker is wielding his Super Powers-era mallet! I'm a huge Super Powers fan/collector, so I might have to pick this iteration of Stacked Cards up, even though I loathe those last-gasp shrunk-down PR/PP reissues.

And now, to the Batmobile ... and home!

Earth 2 Chris said...

^I think the Joker and his infamous Super Power mallet is owed completely to that JLGL (PBHN) piece. I have a Batman lunchbox from 1989 Batmania with that image. It honestly kind of bugged me that Batman was getting made a fool of on his own lunchbox!


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