Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wonder Woman: 3 Action-Packed Stories

A few weeks ago this site posted some pics of heretofore-unknown Peter Pan cassettes, sold on individual rack cards. Now, thanks to the Wonder Woman Collectors site, we have this nice pic of the Wonder Woman release, featuring three stories with all-new card art.

I love that Peter Pan--always cost-conscious--actually spent the extra few cents to do a die-cut on the top of the cards, when they could have gone with a flat square. It shows that PP wasn't entirely phoning it in at this point, and of course that's nice to know.

If you check the back of the card (seen here), there were also cassettes in this format released for Superman, Batman, and The Hulk, Spider-Man. The hunt goes on!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Another one of those "had no idea it existed" items! The artwork looks new to Power Records. It's not bad at all, but doesn't look like it originated at DC. This obviously made it out before 1982, and the strict adherence to DC's Style Guides.


MetropolisKid41 said...

I've come across some of these on eBay before and wasn't sure if they were PR/PP produced or not. I know in the 1990's there were some releases of these cassettes that even came with comics. I believe the Rocketeer movie adaption comic even had a version that came with an audio cassette tape. It's one of those things I've been meaning to pull the trigger on and just haven't gotten around to it.

-Kyle Benning

radio1342 said...

These are pretty elusive. I could be wrong but i think the Spiderman/Hulk/Superman stuff was never released on cassette. I have not been able to find any info on them whatsoever using the cat ID's. There was a Star Trek release I thought interesting with another appearance of the Peter Pan Bear (forgot his name but he seemed to be similar to Teddy Ruxpin and I am not sure if he was ever released either because I have yet to find any evidence of one in existence). Go here and scroll down and you can see the cassette versions featuring the bear (Barney Bear maybe?).

I think the Rocketeer stuff was Buena Vista Records, they did several including The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders and several others.

There was also a second Ghostbusters release on cassette which was a coloring book & record.

-- Mike B.

MetropolisKid41 said...

A quick eBay search reveals that somebody also reprinted/repackaged issues of Byrne's Man of Steel mini-series and released audio cassettes for each issue!!! Looks like those came out in 1988 and 1989. Damn in going to have to try to track all of those down now!!!

MetropolisKid41 said...

Yes Mike I believe it would have been BV Records that did Rocketeer since Disney did the movie.

I believe Tiger Electronics was one of the other companies dabbling in audio super hero adventures in the 1990's. I seem to remember a little robot thing that played Superman cassettes. Maybe I'm totally off there, but I believe one of my friends had one.

Earth 2 Chris said...

BV is Disney, and I think those Man of Steel tapes were done by the same folks who did the "Untold Legend of the Batman" audio tapes that came with mini-reprints of the comic series. The production is definitely NOT Disney-level on those, as I recall. Never heard the Superman, but I recall the Batman one not living up to Power Records standards.


Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

I had the Untold Tales of Batman and Man of Steel sets at one point and the productions left me cold. Nothing hits the Power Records sweet spot - although I liked those Marvel productions by Intec pretty well.

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