Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Star Trek - The Time Stealer

Thanks to some Star Trek and/or Power Records fan on Flickr, I finally found scans of "The Time Stealer", an audio adventure that essentially features the crew of the Enterprise meeting Conan The Barbarian, drawn either by John Buscema or someone doing a half decent facsimile!

Both stories on the Star Trek LP are loads fun, and very true to the spirit of the original series. If you're a fan, make sure you listen to episode 10 of The Power Records Podcast, where my co-host Chris Franklin and I discuss them in detail. LLAP!


radio1342 said...

Concerning the Black Sulu and Blonde Uhura -- Character likeness did not become an issue until Crispin Glover sued over his likeness portrayed by Jeffery Weissman in Crispin make up for Back To The Future II. I knew it was an older George McFly in in 2015 played by a different actor. However, the resemblence was so close for the 1955 scenes I thought they just used old footage with new scenes spliced together. And everyone knows the history of the Halloween Michael Meyers mask. It's an old Shatner mask used in the first 2 movies. Fast Forward to The Return Of Michael Meyers in 1988 with a lame all white stupid looking mask. For years I wondered why the new Halloween movies could not get the mask just right and I assumed they were complete idiots because the mask changed with each movie but still looked nothing like the original (and notice in H5 at the beginning when Meyers is washed down the drain in a while mask and reappears at the end of the drain in a completely different mask that was used in H5.

To make a long story longer, by this time character likeness had become an issue (even tho BTTFII was released after H4) and it is assumed by the Halloween fans that Shatner wouldn't allow his likeness to be used for the remainder of the Halloween series. The Meyers mask in it's original likeness is now for sale

And some more history on the Shatner mask is here

There are tons of websites about the mask, it's amazingly popular.

To get back the original likeness of Sulu & Uhura, I just don't think it was an issue in the 70's. I just don't think people cared too much at the time. It could also very well have been a mistake by whoever inked the story. And Rockwell did post a link to a photo with the correct likeness but I need to go back and read more about it.

Finally, I assumed that art was Sal Buscema. Might not be but can one be sued for copying someone else's style?? Who knows.

Mike B.

Darrin Sutherland said...

Hi Rob and Chris,

I just listened to the latest Power Records podcast all about Star Trek and I know I sound like a broken power record, but I must say it was another great show.

I’ve been a Star Trek fan longer than I can remember.  Seriously, I can’t remember a time in my childhood that I wasn’t already a Star Trek fan.

I owned many of these records as a kid, but haven’t listened to them since then and must say that I was pleasantly surprised about how well the stories hold up.  As you both said, these were great little adventures that fit perfectly into the world of Star Trek.

Thanks Chris for bringing up the Atlantis / Aquaman connected at the end.  When I heard that revelation in the episode, I was 100% certain that was why Rob chose that episode and was surprised when you mentioned it and Rob said he hadn’t really given it any thought.

I sincerely appreciated your tribute to Leonard Nimoy at the end.  I couldn’t agree more with everything you said about him.  A true gentlemen.

I’ll chime in with a little positive support for William Shatner.  I know he has a certain reputation, but sometimes I think you get back from William Shatner what you bring to him.  I have met him on a handful of occasions at conventions as well as at the fan meet and greet following his one man show Shatner’s World and every interaction I’ve had with him has been positive.

He always makes eye contact.  He always smiles.  He always says a few words.  And he always says thank you at the end.  No, he doesn’t socialize, but I’ve never found him to be mean or cold or aloof.

And seeing him and Leonard Nimoy together on a couple of occasions was a delight.  The two were such close friends they would finish each other’s sentences.  One of our greatest possessions is a photo of the two of us with both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  I’ll send it to you and you are welcome to share it if you want.  I don’t want to presume that you would want it on the site.

Take care guys and thanks for another fun show!

Sorry for the double post Rob. Initially I posted to the Shrine, but then thought this fit better here.


Guy Dorian said...

Looks like it's Big John Buscema and Neal Adams.

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