Sunday, March 16, 2008

Star Trek - Passage to Moauv


I haven't gotten to any of the Star Treks yet, which is a crime, so today is the crew of the Enterprise in "Passage to Moauv."

No record credits, but these adventures were fairly consistent with the TV show and the more recent(at the time) animated one. The cover and back cover are by Neal Adams, with the interior art by Russ Heath(!), with inks by Dick Giordano and Adams.

Clearly someone lost the character reference file along the way, since Sulu is drawn as African-American, and Uhura is colored caucasion. Anybody over at Peter Pan ever see Star Trek?


Anonymous said...

"Power Records"...Awsome website!!!...Am on here at least once a day..Thought I was only one who got into these old story records...Keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen or heard this since I was 8 years old. Great site!

BrittReid said...

Sulu is of African descent.
Uhura is a blue-eyed blonde.
M'ress, a cat-like alien from the animated series is less feline and more "Tammy Faye Baker" with a serious makeup fetish!

Timothy said...

When the animated Trek series was coming out, there was some kind of dispute over whether or not George Takei or Nichelle Nichols were going to do the voice work. The studio was going to use James Doohan and Majel Barrett in disguised voices to save costs. Leonard Nimoy held out until they promised him that the two would be hired. I think that these books were licensed while the rights to the two were up in the air.

Anonymous said...

For the most part, you can't knock the artwork in these 'Star Trek' adventures. Despite the hilarious versions of Sulu and Uhura, and the rather awkward looking Enterprise exteriors, there are a lot of little details that only a fan would notice. These include the two crewmen wearing environmental suits from the episode "The Tholian Web", and the ceiling panels in the corridors. All said, someone on that art staff was a fan ( or at least had access to some decent stills ).


Anonymous said...

M'ress was a character from the animated series, and was ( as described in this story ) a caitian. However, in the animated dtories ahe was drawn as a bipedal feline. Here she looks more like Yvonne ( Batgirl ) Craig, in her green makeup as Marta, the orion female asylum inmate in the awful third season live-action episode, "Whom Gods destroy".


Alan said...

I had this one as a kid (and think I still do actually). Thank you very much for posting this, and all the other great Power Records items here! It really makes me nostalgic. :)

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