Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Amazing Spider-Man LP


I know this LP doesn't feature any audio tracks that haven't been posted before, but Power Records was an early master of the fine art of Repurposing--endlessly repackaging previously released material.
So, in my effort to make this blog as complete as possible, I'm posting this. Plus, the sleeve art--front and back--is just so nifty!


Jay said...

This is an interesting release in that there are two different actors playing Spidey. The Dragon Men one captures the playful Spidey very well, where as the Man-Wolf actor nails the Stan Lee teenage angst very nicely. Either way, who can forget "Fresh! The Mouthwash for Droopy Dragons"?

Basili P said...

This is very interesting. I don't mind if the recordings or book was posted, it's still interesting to see what the new packaging looks like. I would've liked to have seen the entire book that accompany this LP because I'm curious how it would've looked like 2 books in 1 plus it looks smaller the book.

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