Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Incredible Hulk - At Bay!

The Hulk At Bay!



Produced by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Saunders. Written by Steve Englehart and Gerry Conway, art by Herb Trimpe and Jack Abel.

On of my favorites growing up, if kind of a strange story to adapt--it being a middle chapter of an ongoing story. Hulk like One-And-Dones!


Jay said...

I will still sometimes punctuate a moment of personal success by quoting Hulk's friend, Jim Wilson, with his exclamation of "Far out! I did it!"

viagra online said...

This comic is one of my favorites, for the simpleness, and the exciting story, apart I love Hulk's comics, however I prefer The Incredible Hulk #601, it's the top a top.

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