Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Curse of the Werewolf!

Produced by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Saunders. Written by Roy and Jean Thomas and Gerry Conway, art by Mike Ploog, cover by Neal Adams and Tom Palmer. Reprinted from Marvel Spotlight #2.

I know the credits on the GCBD list Ploog only, but it looks a lot like there was some Gene Colan here, too, especially the last couple of pages(the ones mostly featuring Dracula...coincidence?)


rockie bee said...

Thanks for putting this stuff up.

I just got re-interested in Power Records, as I have a three-year old at home who needs some non-t.v.-related media to keep him in one place for an hour or so.

I'd found my old 45's in a trunk of junk, then I set about scouring comics shops and eBay.

I lack the patience for the U.S. Mail.

I've been curious for 30 years now about the "Monster Series." Mike Ploog's art is killer, but you're right, they're massive bummers. I don't remember my folks talking about it, but there must have been lithium as well as flouride dumped in the water in the '70's.

I've got a few Power Records-related essays in my blog. Granted, it's a MySpace blog, but it'll do.

Thanks again for putting this stuff up.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

My mom gave away all my book and record sets to a younger relative. All except for this one, actually. I knew what she was planning to do so I hid the Werewolf by Night set in with my comics.

Now, I don't even own a turntable.

Has anyone mentioned the gaff on the inside back cover of these sets. I, for one, was really bummed when I discovered that there wasn't an Avengers set.

rob! said...

wow, i never noticed that...dang, there shoulda been an Avengers one!!

Dancin' Homer said...

The final panels are indeed
Gene Colan - reason being the majority of this story is from the Marvel Spotlight #2 origin story, but the last 8 pages are from a storyline that happened around Werewolf by Night #15, where there was a crossover with Dracula, and it was drawn by both Ploog and Colan.

It's easy enough to see when the issues change - Jack Russel is seen talking to his girlfriend Topaz, who was not in Marvel Spotlight #2, she was introduced later in the WBN series.

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