Friday, May 26, 2017

Wonder Woman Drinking Glass

Power Pal (and co-host of The Power Records Podcast) Chris Franklin sent me this pic of a Wonder Woman drinking glass that uses the Neal Adams artwork from the Wonder Woman: The Secret of the Magic Tiara Power record!

I didn't know this existed, and Chris tells me there's no other copyright data on it to indicate if it was part of a larger line, some sort of merchandising campaign, etc. He does point out that the artwork has been redrawn slightly, to include Steve Trevor in the background. It's a handsome item, to be sure.

Considering that a lot of Power Records were done by Adams' Continuity Studios, it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of the artwork was deemed worthy for merchandising, given its iconic nature. Still, this is one of the few examples I can think of something from a Power Record was reused like this.

Thanks Chris!

1 comment:

radio1342 said...

Haha this is cool. Magic "lassooooooo". Magic Tiara is an odd story and I might have enjoyed it more as a kid. Mike B

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