Friday, March 6, 2015

Six Million Dollar Man - 2 Exciting Stories UPDATE

Now it can be told, er, read!

A new Power Pal simply known as Reddata saw my post from a week or two ago regarding my not having the interior pages to this book and record set and generously sent them along! Thanks Reddata!

This act of geek generosity inspired me to try and make this site a little more user friendly, so if you look above where the audio links are, you'll see a link to a PDF of the "book" portion of this set. Now you can truly read as you listen! Over time I will try and add more of these PDFs to the site and it won't be limited to these tiny low-res scans. Enjoy!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing Reddata!

Now we know, this comic is definitely penciled by Irv Novick!


Fer said...

Thank you!!

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