Thursday, October 2, 2014

Space: 1999 - The Future is Fantastic!



In all my years of Power Records fandom, I had no idea that Space: 1999 was so popular! Not only did the show get two book and record sets, but it also headlined two LPs, too, complete with photo covers, something the label never did for other TV properties like Star Trek and The Six Million Dollar Man!
I haven't seen Space: 1999 since I was a kid, but I remember the show being pretty dull. You wouldn't know it from this sleeve, which makes it look like a combo of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Irwin Allen. The future is fantastic!


Earth 2 Chris said...

Is it wrong that I've NEVER seen this show? I've known of its existence since I was a kid, probably due to the inner covers of Power Records comics, but the show was just never on in my area.

Most of my knowledge of it comes from Brian's Plaid Stallions. One day, I'll check it out.


rob! said...

I only briefly watched this show at the time. I would watch anything in space, but I remember it being very gray and very dull. But of course I was a little kid, weaned on TREK and superheroes and about to have my brain exploded by STAR WARS.

Rockwell J. Pugglesworth said...

I have a very clear recollection of getting this particular record at a Children's Palace in Dayton, Ohio in the very early '80s, probably 1980 or 1981. My only childhood exposure to Space: 1999 was via Power Records. It didn't air in my part of Kentucky back in the day. I didn't see the show until I was in college when the earliest pre-wrestling iteration of the Sci-Fi Channel broadcast it along with a lot of other short-lived shows from the '70s. And I found it dull and BAFFLING. Every episode I saw seemed like it was missing 5 minutes of vital exposition.

eboyd_44 said...

Just to add balance to the comments here. Space 1999 was a not a dull or boring tv show. But the quality of the scripts wasn't consistent. The first season had a more adult, thinking person's approach to science fiction. This would be perceived as less exciting than a show like Star Trek or especially a movie like Star Wars to a young person watching. The second season was more action oriented but a bit less intelligent. But the show was never on a major network and though promoted heavily at the time, it ended just a few months before Star Wars blew it's memory away. I think Power Records was probably a major avenue of promotion for this show since it wasn't on one of the 3 major networks like Six Million Dollar man and Star Trek were and therefore didn't need as much promotion to young audiences.

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