Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Peter Pan Records Display Ad

I found this awesome ad over on my pal Brian Heiler's blog Plaid Stallions. Brian says that he doesn't remember the Peter Pan/Power Records being displayed like this, but I do, sort of: my memory of finding these gems was at department stores like Woolworth's, who kept them on racks similar to what you see above, alongside the comic books (which makes total sense, from a merchandising point of view). This particular ad was designed for the 1978 toy fair.

It's hard to see (Brian has closer pics), but up top there are Welcome Back, Kotter and Laverne and Shirley records! Anyone remember ever seeing those in the real world?

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John Kerry said...

I worked in Zellers at one time and those racks could easily have been placed in our toy department at one point. I would think there would have been a vendor rep who was responsible for looking after said rack.

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