Sunday, April 27, 2008

Superman LP - 1975


One of the most popular of the Power Records, if this album's ubiquity on eBay is any indication.

No producer credits, but these are three fine audio adventures. The actor playing Superman in particular is spot-on; sounding commanding and powerful yet friendly and intelligent.

And--does this even need to be said?--Neal Adams' cover art is phenomenal. I love how mean and angry Luthor looks (this Luthor doen't need some silly battlesuit to fight Supes!) and Mxyzptik looks odd and creepy (the voice of Mxy on the record matches the look, as well).


Earth 2 Chris said...

I still have my original copy of this. I must have listened to this 100 times as a kid. That cover art is just pitch perfect (well, except for Mxy's new hair color). The pink background color and circle vignettes reminded me of Mego packaging then, and now.


Rockie Bee said...

Yeah, that's an old-fashioned Luthor on the cover, isn't it? The paunchy, workshirt-clad Luthor who'd just grab a box of tools and reconfigure heavy equipment at the prison into a wall-smashing vehicle!

There's an illustrated story for this, I'm sure you know, but the Luthor in the story is the lean, cut Luthor in the skintight 'power suit' (which is still better than that 'power armor' -- who's he think he is? Doctor Doom?).

Aaah, Neal Adams and the Crusty Bunkers. They put a slick, youthful Superman in the art, and you got either the two 'good guys' from the Arthur Korb Repertory Company, or that fuddy-duddy from the Cornel Tanassy productions.

Although Cornel Tanassy's fuddy-duddy Superman has really grown on me, especially when he learns to 'speak dolphin' in the "Mystery of the Mad Minnows."

mediamugshot said...

Saw this at a used record store, and couldn't resist. I had no idea how many different Power Records there were until I found this site!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember where I read it, but these are the Superman stories that feature Old Time Radio actor Elliott Lewis as Superman.

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