Sunday, May 18, 2008

Star Trek - The Crier in Emptiness



The most head-trippiest Star Trek adventure ever!
These Power Records stories were pretty true to the feel of the original Trek, except of course for the fact that no one at Power Records seems to have ever seen Uhura or Sulu.

Wonderful cover by Neal Adams--simultaneously exciting and goofy. That Shatner likeness is spot on, and the silly look on Spock's face is priceless.

No producer or book credits.


John Trumbull said...

Looking closely at the artwork, it looks to me like Adams DID draw likenesses for Nichelle Nichols and George Takei, but they were retouched somewhere down the line. Look at the Uhura closeup on pg. 3 and the Sulu closeup on pg. 9: They still look like the actors, just with differently-colored skin tones (& in Sulu's case, the addition of an afro).

I wonder if the characters had to be changed because of a rights issue. Maybe Power Records weren't allowed to use the likenesses of Nichols & Takei. And if they couldn't change or rerecord the audio, Power Records did the next best thing and altered the art.

Anonymous said...

I agree. After reviewing the art very closely, It looks like the colorist was not familiar with the material- Blue shirts on the helmsmen and Uhura a blonde. Sulu a black oriental and so on.

Jay said...

A year late, but I agree completely with Mr. Trumbull. One shot of Sulu in particular looks very much like George Takei, with the hair and skin tone altered of course. So I have assumed the art was altered due to issues with likeness rights - particularly in light of the ongoing lawsuit Nimoy had against Paramount in the mid-70s over not being compensated for the company's use of his likeness.

Unknown said...

I have one (same story by the same name, same comic) by Peter Pan Records ("Book & Record Set - STAR TREK - Original Stories for Children Inspired by Star Trek).
Great scan! I'm digitising the record to play tomorrow at a filmscreening of STAR TREK: INSURRECTION 10 minutes before the film.
THE ROBOT MASTERS is just as fun as the musical one.

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Anonymous said...

I have most of these Trek sets and LPs. Interestingly, the "Passage To Moauv" and "Crier In Emptiness" sets were re-released in 1979 under the "Peter Pan" records moniker to tie-in with the release of "Star Trek - The Motion Picture". These editions contained the same audio recordings and comic book art, but the exterior covers were replaced with combinations of Motion Picture stills combined with artwork. Most interesting was that the interior covers featured a 'wallpaper pattern' arrangement of early blueprints of the updated Enterprise... BEFORE all the details were finalized ( which makes them rather collectible, in my opinion ).

As to the Sulu and Uhura characters being so far off; I remember reading that it was indeed a licensing issue. They would have had to pay those actors additional monies to use their likenesses, so rather than put out the extra money, Power simply altered the artwork. After the ST-TMP contracts were signed, apparently the issue was resolved, as the book and record versions of "The Robot Masters" and "Dinosaur Planet" had much more accurate versions of Uhura, Sulu,and the heretofore unused Chekov ( although the overall stories and artwork were FAR inferior to the 1975 - 76 product ).


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S.I.G. said...

These pages are drawn by John Buscema but they have been heavily reworked. It looks like some panels have been entirely redrawn and some panels partly redrawn. No idea why but I'd guess Buscema probably had very little reference.

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