Saturday, January 19, 2008

Superman - Alien Creatures

Alien Creatures


No producer credits, and a completely wrong back cover.

Cover by Curt Swan and Neal Adams, inside art by Swan what looks like to me at least a couple different inkers.


Anonymous said...

Had this one as a kid; downloaded the 'record' last week from Power Records Plaza, so I could share it with my son.

Darned if Superman's 'Super-ESP' and 'entire-planet-chant' don't still get to me.

Jay said...

For whatever reason, I always remember Lois has a pineapple milkshake for lunch.

Superman's a little stiff in this. I think I prefer the actor who played him in the Lex Luthor/Mxyzptlk/Super-Cop from Kandor record.

Ventolin said...

I Remember this is one o the most interesting stories of this iconic character. He definitely became in my idol since I read this record.

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