Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Batman - If Music Be The Food of Death

Another one that didn't get the Book and Record treatment, this is nevertheless one of all-time favorite Power Records. The guy playing the Riddler is spot-on, sounding nerdy yet homicidal at the same time.

The moment when Batman figures out the policeman who absconded with the priceless violin "for safekeeping" is the Riddler crashes right into his mad cackle, a moment that has, for whatever reason, burned itself into my brain for all time.

The cover art is Neal Adams, of course, but the title is not "Batman vs. The Riddler" as the sleeve seems to suggest, rather the poetic yet sinister "If Music Be the Food of Death."


matt ritchey said...

again, sir, I love you.

Rosiebinns said...

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